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January 29, 2011

Win a copy of Appetite for Reduction

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Little peanut is offering his copy of Appetite for Reduction to one of the VegLite readers!

fystikos with the lucky AFR copy

Appetite for reduction is an incredible cookbook by Isa Chandra Moskowitz that includes 125 amazing healthy recipes!  You will find recipes for extraordinary salads and delicious dishes with legumes, pasta, tofu/tempeh/seitan and fresh produce! All recipes are quick and don’t call for one million ingredients. A total plus is the nutrition info given for each recipe.

You can read my AFR review here and you can test some of the recipes before getting your hands on this book here.

All you have to do to win peanut’s copy of Appetite for Reduction is to leave a comment here with your favorite vegan healthy recipe. For an extra entry you can like and leave the same comment on my facebook page

The contest is open to everyone and peanut will pick the lucky winner on February 14th. Meowwwwwwwwwww


  1. My favorite light meal is soup. It’s amazing how many veggies and whole grains can get in there and taste amazing–no added fat needed!

    Comment by Nichole — January 29, 2011 @ 8:24 pm

  2. My favorite healthy vegan recipe is my Vegan Tomato Quinoa Soup!

    Comment by Kaycee Bassett — January 29, 2011 @ 8:38 pm

  3. My favorite is VWAV Tofu Scamble. You can serve it so many different ways!

    Comment by Candace Selph — January 30, 2011 @ 2:07 am

  4. My favourite light meal is Lentil Greek Salad so filling and nutritious!!!!

    Comment by Natalie — January 30, 2011 @ 12:44 pm

  5. My favorite vegan recipe is hummus. I love that you can make it your own so easily. I eat it on and with just about everything, and it’s so good for you too.

    Comment by Audrey — January 30, 2011 @ 5:02 pm

  6. my favorite healthy vegan meal is breakfast, specifically fronch toast from VWAV, and some fresh fruit. YUM!

    Comment by ~Kris — January 30, 2011 @ 5:10 pm

  7. My favorite light meal is my Veggie hummus wrap. Very light and amazing in the summer time.

    Comment by Jackie — January 30, 2011 @ 5:12 pm

  8. My favorite healthy vegan recipe is sloppy joes made with lentils. Delicious, healthy, and hearty.

    Comment by Blake — January 30, 2011 @ 5:24 pm

  9. My favorite is a simple shredded carrot salad with lemon juice and fresh herbs . . . also delicious and protein-ful if you add some chickpeas!

    Comment by Rachel — January 30, 2011 @ 5:44 pm

  10. aw, Peanut, thanks. My favorite Vegan meal, and this sounds silly is Spinach soup. Lightly saute spinach, a bit of onion, several cloves of garlic, salt and red pepper and then blend. I could eat it forever.

    Comment by Laurel — January 30, 2011 @ 5:48 pm

  11. Banana soft serve :D It totally doesn’t taste healthy, but what could possibly be unhealthy about a banana?

    Comment by Heidi — January 30, 2011 @ 6:00 pm

  12. I am totally a sweet potato black bean chili kind of gal. Served over brown rice or polenta. Om nom nom.

    Comment by Naomi — January 30, 2011 @ 6:02 pm

  13. I think rice and peas are pretty darn healthy! Easy too – lots of chilli and garlic, what ever red or black beans I have in the cupboard and just enough coconut milk to make it creamy. Yum!

    Comment by Lauren — January 30, 2011 @ 6:10 pm

  14. My favorite is a mushroom, avocado & vegan provolone cheese sandwich.

    Comment by jade1977 — January 30, 2011 @ 6:16 pm

  15. I love playing around with different Mediterranean inspired foods. So I really love a whole wheat pita packed with tabbouleh, hummus and/or baba ghanoush, and some fresh cairo salad (chopped cucumbers & tomatoes in fresh lemon juice) :D

    Comment by Natalie Padilla — January 30, 2011 @ 6:37 pm

  16. I love hummus, but I wanna try those baked onion rings in there!

    Comment by Asia al-Massari — January 30, 2011 @ 6:39 pm

  17. My all time favourite recipe has to be vegan chili. It’s healthy, but also a fantastic way to incorporate tons of veggies and grains into a single serving. It’s a great low fat & calorie meal!

    Comment by Wendy — January 30, 2011 @ 6:48 pm

  18. I love smoothies. My tried and true favorite of them all is a combination of frozen blueberries, 1/2 a frozen banana, a splash of almond milk, and some ground flax. It’s perfect post workout!!

    Comment by Tawnee — January 30, 2011 @ 8:16 pm

  19. right now (changes weekly haha) it’s brown rice, red lentils, huge handful of spinach, and some crispy broccoli all mixed up in a bowl. It’s super simple, but so good.

    Comment by Melanie — January 30, 2011 @ 8:45 pm

  20. My favorite recipe is Quinoa-lentil-sweet potato-burgers. Super easy to make. You can make a big batch and freeze the burgers for quick and healthy meals.

    Comment by Ashley — January 30, 2011 @ 8:47 pm

  21. My favorite healthy vegan meal is baked sweet potatoes fries. They should be considered a side dish, but I make a meal out of them.

    Comment by Brandi — January 30, 2011 @ 9:13 pm

  22. My favorite recipe is for vegan nut-butter, banana, oatmeal pancakes. Wow. I just made myself want them…I think I’ll make them for dinner!

    Comment by Robyn — January 30, 2011 @ 10:12 pm

  23. My favorite recipe is quinoa, black bean and corn salad with whatever veggies I have in the fridge!

    Comment by J Hall — January 31, 2011 @ 12:05 am

  24. So want that book!
    I have too many favourites to choose. Something I had recently and loved was the Vegan Table recipe for African Sweet Potato Peanut Stew. Served with steamed kale and quinoa it makes a delicious, healthy vegan meal :)

    Comment by Emma — January 31, 2011 @ 12:17 am

  25. Well it’s not exactly ‘healthy’, but I’m a big fan of Joy the Baker’s vegan pumpkin loaf:

    But if it has to be something savoury… there’s a fantastic recipe on 101 Cookbooks for a chanterelle, celeriac and potato gratin with cashew cream. SO good!

    Comment by Anna — January 31, 2011 @ 12:56 am

  26. My favorite vegan recipe is 3 bean chili with tempeh.

    Comment by Marie — January 31, 2011 @ 4:19 am

  27. my favorite is a big salad w/ every veggie in the fridge and quinoa on top!

    Comment by Kayci — January 31, 2011 @ 5:21 am

  28. burritos of all kinds!

    Comment by Delanie — January 31, 2011 @ 6:27 am

  29. I love me a successful vegan pancake and fruit syrup/reduction recipe!

    Comment by Natalie — January 31, 2011 @ 9:19 am

  30. my favourite healthy recipe is somewhere along the lines of steamed kale, just tender, served with a miso dressing and roasted sweet potatoes wedges. maybe with a side of red quinoa.


    Comment by icy — January 31, 2011 @ 4:58 pm

  31. My favorite light meal is vegan sushi. It’s filling, and nutritious, yet still light.

    Comment by Chris — January 31, 2011 @ 9:55 pm

  32. My favorite vegan recipe is a dish of my own devising (inspired by the Ol’ Quinoa Kurt salad offered by the Electric Cheetah, a local restaurant). I toss together some quinoa, corn, black beans, tomatoes, and scallions, and put together chipotle-avocado dressing. Yum!

    Comment by Amy — February 1, 2011 @ 3:35 am

  33. Homemade veggie burgers with spicy baked fries! Mmm.

    Comment by Heather — February 1, 2011 @ 11:52 pm

  34. My favorite is definitely oven-baked lentil and brown rice casserole with onions and veggie broth – so easy, so filling, so good for you!

    Comment by Meredith — February 3, 2011 @ 5:20 am

  35. I would say squash soup! It is usually so hearty and doesn’t need any type of vegan “fat” to make it thick and delicious!

    Comment by Bethany — February 3, 2011 @ 7:22 am

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